The dark side.

I consider myself, an Android kinda guy. Sorry Apple.

One bite and I have gone to the dark side. I have been lurched into oblivion. The seed, in a pit of eternal damnation.

Our recent purchase was for one main reason. Education for our children. If you don't like it, you don't really live in this society. We wanted a product which, when we are on the go, we could tote with us to keep up the brain activity of an ever expanding little human. There are many great programs that don't involve Disney, that evil communist devil I have mentioned in previous posting. Click, Communist Disney.

In addition, it does help that it can be a distraction when things get a little rough when we are out and about. I know, I know.....way to handle the discipline there dude. Well, instead of rolling a large boulder up Mount Kilimanjaro, I prefer to row a boat in Crater Lake. Wading, oh so softly, rather than being crushed to death. Bite me!

What say you? There are tablets that run on Android. No crap. Until those types of products become more reliable, not to mention, as cheap as I could get a reputable iPad2 for, I will stick to what everyone in the Universe knows. Apple, is the commie of the tablet world, as Disney is for children's television.


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  1. Better to distract and soothe the children, than to cause more turmoil. In case of fragile X children, over stimulation in strange surroundings can be better with the ipad that they know and can play their educational games on. It helps them to handle these situations out there. Thank goodness for apple and their applications.