What's for dinner?

On the menu tonight, we have Lemon Pepper Chicken, green beans, and what would any meal be without starch!

Not going to get too involved here. Remember, I am not complicated when it comes to cooking.

Grab some chicken. My breasts(not mine personally) were pretty large, so I filleted them and made two substantial portions out of one. Place chicken in a seal-able bag and add a little EVOO. For those not up to snuff on the cool cooking lingo, EVOO is extra virgin olive oil. Get your seasoning and coat each piece well. If possible, marinate over night to let the flavors infiltrate the chicken.

I use a lemon pepper, that also includes various herbs for a more beautiful flavor sensation.

Cook as recommended. Never eat raw chicken. Yuck. 

I use an indoor grill because we live in an apartment and are not allowed to have gas grills. I am too lazy to use charcoal, plus that can get messy.

Plate and enjoy,

As always, I do not endorse any product shown and if any company would like to come forward and help my cause, it would be appreciated.

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