Play date.

This past week, involved some much wanted warmth. Temperatures were in the middle 70's and it was sunny. So, one evening we met up with some good friends and had a little play date. Secretly, our little ones are in a committed relationship for the rest of their lives.

Patiently waiting for an open swing.

Sat still long enough to get this picture.

Dazed and confused.

Yoga anyone?

What is this? A jelly sandal from the little girl. 


Swinging, is a favorite of both our sons. 

Afterwards, we went to our friends house to eat some grub and play a little on the Kinect. I wouldn't call it playing though, it was more like exercise. My arms were sore, two days after this adult play. 

Violent storms rolled in while we were there, with a tornado passing just a couple miles north of us. On our way home we ran into the aftermath. A major route was closed and we could see why. Trees were twisted and power poles were down on the road. Luckily, our house was spared as it lifted, not doing anymore damage.    


  1. Those are some pretty adorable kids! Even if I am a little biased.

  2. Those are adorable photos. I can see why Christopher wants to make a career of it, he has the gift. Glad to know the storms missed all of my loved ones.