Look in the mirror.

The parking spots were full in this unfamiliar parking lot. I had never been here before and can see there are going to be some difficulties not only finding a spot, but also fitting into one of these narrowly stripped spots. I pulled into the parking spot a little too close for comfort to the other car. To fix this situation and prevent my car or the other from receiving damage I began to back up to correct my misfortune of driving a larger vehicle. As always, I looked several times in back of me and both ways. This was a very crowded and congested parking lot I was located in. There are many restaurants that cater to the infinite business people wearing suits and ties. I could see that down about 5 spots, another car was backing out. I had plenty of room to fix myself without worrying about that vehicle. I began to back out, noting in my head what I had just seen through my eyes. Suddenly, I could hear several honks of a horn. I immediately stopped and could see a lady, about my age glaring at me with that evil kind of look you get when you are talking on the phone very loudly in a restaurant. She must of mistaken this parking lot for Atlanta Motor Speedway. I wave to her with my hand, asking her if she could move forward or backward so I could finish fixing my parking issue. Pointing in front of her, I could see that she muttered something through the dimly tinted windows. I back up a little more to the point, that my backup sensors are now going off. This little nudge of encouragement was followed by yet more honking. She was now really irritated and so was I.

I sit there for a split second and think to myself, why can't this lady just help me out by backing up a little. I can see that there are no vehicles behind her, so what is her problem? She is surely in a hurry, I tell myself.  I roll down my window and she does that same. Apparently she wants to have a conversation about this whole dilemma. She speaks to me in the tongue of snoot. "There is a car in front of me that I didn't see backing up." Apparently, she did not see me backing up either as she made her lap around this zigzag track. I ask her to back up or do something other than just sit there blocking me. Several seconds of these back and forths go by as we both begin to butt heads over this. Eventually, she proceeds forward and in doing so says, "you jerk."

I am now able to fix my vehicle placement within a matter of seconds as I notice this lady rushing down the first lap and around to the second lap in front of me. My hands are trembling, as I do not like confrontations. Every time I get into any kind of altercation or situation I do not like, I begin to tremble and shake as my heart begins to race. This would be no exception.

I can see that she pulled into a spot just down and across from me in the other lane and I am about to confront her again, seeing as I am already overly frustrated with her. I ask her what her problem was and confront her about calling me a jerk in front of my child I was toting along. She says, "because you are a jerk, you jerk." I forget exactly what I told her next, but it had something to do with being respectful around kids, especially mine and teaching them how you want them to act. You see......she had a child with her also! He was older. Probably about 4 or 5 years of age. Note, I am not stopping as I walk be her on my way to the eatery I was headed to in the first place. I just speak to her through the wind, hoping she will wise up and realize the errors of her way. This did not happen. So, as I continued at a brisk pace I said, whatever and left it with that.

I finally open the door to the establishment I wanted to make it to and glance back. This parking lot racer is headed my way. I think to myself, you have to be fucking kidding me. I get in line to pick up what my wife had ordered and hear the chime of the door opening. This chime indicates she has arrived with me. We exchange snarled looks into each other's direction, but do not speak. Instead, we pretend to ignore each other. Walking out, I hear her ask her son, "which cupcake do you want.....the same one you always get?" So, she is racing around a very congested parking lot and endangering lives just to get her damn kid a cupcake! Really?!?

I have now made it back to the van and place the little human into his car seat, just as carefully as I have placed the cupcakes I had just received into the floor board. All buckled in securely, I begin to back out noticing speed racer is also backing out. She swiftly leaves and heads toward the exit, just as swiftly as she had come in just moments earlier.

Lady, look at yourself in the mirror. You are a much bigger jerk!

By the way, these cupcakes are to die for. Gigi's is the place to get a cupcake! Just try not to be an ass as you rush for the closest location.



Not your ordinary slab of meat.

A couple weeks ago we decided to try a new establishment. We had been passing it up for many months and as we grew tired of the same old joints, we grew more anxious for a new dining experience. Since that first taste of heaven, we have not looked back.

The menu.

Burgers, hot dogs, chicken and fries. What more could one ask for.


Reasonable, although slightly higher than the other burger joint.


Very welcoming and always clean with a dash of great music to go on the side.

The place.

Smashburger! Their meat is tasty. I don't know how to describe this thick piece of beef other than that. It spills over the egg bun and is topped very generously. Their fries are out of this world awesome. I get the smash fries. A generous portion of golden fried sticks tossed in rosemary with a hint of garlic. It is genius. My other half, gets the sweet potato fries. Another side of perfection. If you come to conclusion of the meal and are thirsting for more......try a malt or shake.

This place has a variety of burger combinations or just create your own. This burger joint, is hands down better than the competition although slightly pricier. They run promotions for free fries on their receipts and also reward you for signing up via email.

So, what are you waiting for. Try a smashburger today!


What is plastic and catches waste?

A disposable diaper. Duh!

Well, on this day Parker wanted to know what it was and how to get it off of his brother.

Get ready for another neck bender. I do not take responsibility for sore/stiff necks and will likewise, not pay for any doctor visits or chiropractor visits due to your need to look at it the correct way. I can tell what is going on in this video without the need to turn my head.



Do you remember when I said, I was going to start exercising and drinking water? Well, I do!

Let's just say, after a week it became non-existent.  I no longer exercised. I no longer drank only water. I no longer listened to myself.


Today I started fresh. A clean slate has been brushed off and etched with the hands of a higher being. I began this day by drinking water. I set out to begin walking/jogging again. I loaded up the little humans in the old minivan and found a spot to park. I have decided to go on a walking path along the Chattahoochee River. There are river views for me and car views for the little humans as they wiz by at a faster rate than should be traveled. 2 miles is my starting point. 2 miles of agony as I would later learn.

A brisk walk was intermittently challenged by a slightly faster jog. The path was slow, but flat. I could smell the exhaust of cars and the moisture laden leaves as I trekked along with determination. The reward for the little humans.......if daddy could make it back to the starting point without going into a coma, they could play on the playground and be swung on the swings in the breeze by the river. Luckily for them, I made it back.

Here are some pictures. I assure you, you won't see any of me bent over in agony hurling water from my mouth as I gasp for air. The bridge is that of Roswell Road crossing over the Chattahoochee River. This bridge was originally a covered bridge and you can still see some of the arches from that time period. I had no knowledge of this until I came upon it while doing a u-turn on the path I was walking.

All pictures were taken with my cell phone, so don't judge.



Whats yours is mine!

Our littlest is trying to graduate on his own. The other night, his older little human counterpart left his sippy cup within reach and he jumped at the opportunity. Snatching it, he quickly began chugging away. I would like to say, he was graceful. He was not. As you can see, he had it running down his face, around his chin and onto his chest before being soaked up by the tshirt. He is trying and I will give him that. We are slowly trying to ween him of the bottle anyway, so his cooperation is much appreciated.