Three's Company....My Ass.

What have I snorted, to make myself watch an extra little person today? that is flour....what did you think it was?

So, three! What is it like? It is hell and I am only an hour into this fiery madness. All three little people are still in diapers. All three little people are mobile. All three little people are not happy campers today. Two are teething and the other, is just a diva.

Moments of happiness, it is what the lens captures. The real story is not being told here.


We are not having another pooping pile of joy until one is older. That is for damn sure. The newest shorty, has shit pooped twice in an hour. What is he being fed? My own little rugrats are on a schedule, but not a crap til your hearts content kinda schedule. I feel like we need to perform an intervention. A booty boot camp.

I am definitely frazzled here. My world turned upside down.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind helping out. This is an eye opening experiment (not experience).

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