Hello and thanks for flipping the page to me. Who is me?

My name is Chris, but around family and friends I am referred to as, FerFer. I am a thirty something father of two boys. I was born a Yankee, but have been in the South longer than I can remember. I enjoy life and most of all my family. I am a SAHD(stay at home dad), in case you were wondering what that stood for.  My wife and love of my life is Rachel. My sons are Derek and Parker... you will see lots of them in pictures. Our oldest boy is a young toddler, while our other boy is still a hellish cute bundle of joy(when not teething). 

What else might you find while perusing this blog?

It will run the gamete.

I have always been an artist at heart, so there will be plenty of crafts, DIY projects, and maybe a painting here and there. I have also gotten into photography. I own a Canon T1i and have a couple lenses at the moment. I also have editing software I love to play with. Additionally, I have an intense and maybe absurd(to some) interest in learning how to sew. You may be asking yourself, why is a SAHD wanting to sew? Hell, I don't really think I know myself. To add to that predicament, I don't own a sewing machine at the moment. There may be other subjects here and there, including parenting topics.

I do not proclaim myself to be an English major. FAR from it. So, if you see some grammar or punctuation mistakes, go with the flow. I was lucky enough to pull out "c's" in most of my English classes, so give me a break. I do not swear much(yeah right), so don't be surprised if you see something here or there.

Most importantly, I want this to be an open a forum as possible. I am a stay at home dad and it is my hope that people may learn something from this little project called, "fatherhood". I will have my ups and I will definitely have my share of downs. Please, feel free to share my website with your friends and family. There will be laughing and there will be crying, but most importantly there will be the joy of reading and learning.

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