She lives.

Remember Christmas? The beautiful tree, fully decorated with lights and all the trimmings. Holiday music whispering in the crisp air. The smell of cookies, permeating those little hair follicles as they travel that long dark tunnel.


It is all over. Everything gets boxed up, as if Christmas is being evicted. No warning. Just a sudden and swift swipe of all that is. The vacuum begins it's endless journey of picking up the mangled mess called, A Christmas Tree. Thousands of soldiers have fallen off the fast departing mother ship. They dig trenches and bury themselves in tight, fighting for the long haul. She tries her hardest, but she breaks under the pressure. Clogged by the insanity that has become her.

I am not about to divulge how long our vacuum was out of commission, but it was more than a week or two. She was clogged with pine needles. Recently, I had enough and the floors looked like a war zone, so I got the screw driver out and took the vacuum apart piece by piece. I was hoping for a happy ending and that is just what happened. I began vacuuming shortly after.

This is a result of not cleaning your floors for an extended period of time. This was from just two rooms.

I did see pine needles and believe that was the last of them for this year.

I love to vacuum. It puts me at ease and centers my universe. The marks the brush leave behind in the carpet, make me think back to the days when I had my own lawn care biz. I like the stripes you get in a lawn when you cut it with the mower. It pleases my eyes. I know. I am weird.


  1. I love that you're weird and love to vacuum.

  2. The pine needles almost won this round.