The bug.

A bug has infiltrated our lovely home this past week. 

Our oldest was a little sick earlier in the week, but just like Aliens, it has evolved into a more diabolical form. 

Our smallest little human was the next prey. Just as if something started growing inside his stomach, he lurched and vomited acidic saliva. As it burned through the floor, it must have come into contact with the father. Yes, the SAHD is not immune! I was up and in the bathroom every hour in the pre-dawn hours of Friday morning. I will spare the details, but can say, it was not just coming out of one local (if you get my drift). 

Not done yet, it took the mother in charge by storm. Saturday would be her day. Her day of hell. Her day of fighting the evil. 

Luckily, my mother came in to help me with the children on Friday, as I lay in bed dreaming of creatures to be, climbing out of my chest cavity. Unluckily, she now, is the latest in a string of human targets to fall victim to this invasive creature. 

By the way, Sunday is my birthday. Yes, in an hour I will be a year older. What a way to spend it. 

Happy Birthday me! Yay. Woohoo. 

Suck it!

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