Fender Bender.

It was not my intent, to post about this sort of event today. I was rear ended pretty hard this morning.

Luckily, the little humans were not in the car with me at the time. Needless to say, my neck is sore and I have a headache. 

Driving down Roswell Road is always a daunting and scary task. It is an obstacle course of pure stupidity. Thousands of fast cars, scurrying here and there. Humans crossing. Many, many, many driveways and entrances. 

I can recall it now. Stopped at a light, singing to Adele, I notice one lane closed ahead (not my lane). My head turns to the mirror. No one to the right of me. Good. As the silver "government" vehicle ahead of me begins to accelerate when the light turns green, we all follow his Conga line. Within 500 feet all hell breaks loose. That car in front of me is stopping rather abruptly. A car from one of those many, many, many side drives cannot see us past the construction trucks and pulls out in front of the silver "government" vehicle. Being a safe driver, I hit my brakes and still had room in front of me. The car behind me had a different thought. 

The poor pregnant lady that hit me couldn't stop. Squealing tires could be heard, as I cringed at what was about to happen. A sudden jerk and within an instant it was over. I avoided the car in front of me by having that extra space. That "government" vehicle knew what happened.  He did not stop. The car that illegally turned left (sign stated no left turn out of the high school driveway) looked over based on what another witness told me and kept going about his reckless biz. Immediately, I felt a migraine type pain in my head as several construction personal asked if I was alright. 

I was more worried about the pregnant lady at the time. She and I were both flustered, but she was bright red and I was worried about her blood pressure. An ambulance came, but she denied service and I did the same. I don't know if I would call it lucky, but fortunately she was already on her journey to her doctor to get checked out. She was 3 months pregnant and hope everyone is okay.

The damage didn't look bad on the scene. I tried to open the back hatch, but it was jammed up. I managed to get it open at home and these are the pictures...... 

The frame is totally bent in and has effed up everything! The door won't close correctly and it has a dent in it as well. However, vehicles can be fixed.


Yes, that is yellow pollen all over the car. YUCK!


  1. Good to know that no one was hurt enough to be taken to the hospital. Why is is that the people who causes the accident (the car exiting incorrectly) never get hurt or care about the havoc they have caused.

  2. Hope you are feeling ok, sometimes takes a bit before you feel the effects.