Our little one turned eleven earlier this month. He has begun to progress in many aspects of his life. His progress is not just limited to his healthy weight gain, but other milestones as well.

Our little porker one, is now weighing in at just over twenty two pounds. This is merely four shy of reaching his older brothers weight class. Yes, our nearly three year old son weighs in at a measly twenty six pounds of skin and bone. He started crawling about one month ago and has briskly out done himself. He now stands himself up onto tables and sits down rather well from that position. He has just recently began walking around the tables too.

Eight teeth is all this little man has, yet the way he chews on mommy (poor dear) he is bound to get more in the coming weeks. He does BITE! We refer to him as a pit bull because of this. His little jaws clamp and do not let loose. We have been trying to easily let him know this is a, no-no, but he refuses to give in.

 His little girlfriend has taught him how to eat with his hands. Graham crackers are his favorite at the moment. I would not rule out goldfish either, as he had an early fascination with them before they all became scared and swam away hurriedly. The sippy is next. This is a much more difficult task, than we had with his older brother. Stubborn is his middle name, but his parents aren't going to play this game.

Until next time. Maybe our baby will be walking.      

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