Not the contagious kind. What the hell are you thinking?

It has been some time, since my last run-in with Taco Bell. I am talking at least one month, since going to "The Hell". A couple days ago, I ran across an article on their newest piece of garbage, the Dorito Loco Taco. I am no food critic by any stretch of the imagination, but I can spot a terrible Americanized piece of Mexican food affair when I lay eyes on one.

First off, a cardboard cutout of a taco, really? That was the first clue something was amiss. Chomping down angrily with hunger, I was expecting something magical in my mouth. A relief from the pain I had endured leading up to the predicament I found myself in.  Here is what I expected: the taste of a Dorito, followed by that unique taste of cheap "pink slime" filler. What i got: the taste of "pink slime" filler. I got no Dorito taste at all! I had my wife try too, as I wanted another opinion. She began spitting it out as soon as she got it in her mouth. She tasted Dorito, but a funky kinda Dorito.


Taco Bell, I think, has come up with several great ideas in the past. After glancing my eyes on their newest debacle, I was amazed to find myself staring into the eyes of a Volcano. Volcano taco, that is. This astonishingly hot goodness was a fresh breathe of hot air. I had thought this beast lay dormant. So, breathing fire, I enjoyed the rest of my lunch.

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