Zoo. Not our everyday life.


The Atlanta Zoo, has a great variety of  animals. Many of whom, were sleeping on this particular day. Note to self: animals huddle and sleep, just like humans do when it is cool outside. Unfortunately, the well known animals were trying to keep warm. Lions, pandas, and bears included. The only creatures not sleeping, were those in the petting area. You know why? Because little humans were busy terrorizing them.

Goats and sheep.



Look closely. There is a baby Gorilla on the mama.


Red Panda.

Godzilla.....really a very large Komodo Dragon.


Animals are not the only attractions at the Atlanta Zoo. The zoo, also offers rides and playgrounds. Trains, in particular were on the list to do, especially as our oldest was on the verge of meltdown mode. Being tired and hungry turns our son into an angry Silverback ready to pounce on its prey. Soothing the beast, involves bribery and trickery, in the form of trains and playground time. The train is short, but long enough to get a little enjoyment fulfilled. The train goes through one long tunnel (a little frightening to some children) and across several railroad crossings.

Not tears of joy. 

Train ride.

Wave to daddy.

 Sliding is his fav activity at the playground.

Momma and baby brother watching our fun. 


When you think there is nothing else to adore, unusual plants and flowers draw your attention. At least mine anyway. These are just some of the plants incorporated into this urban zoo setting. Don't ask for botanical names.....you are on your own.

Corkscrew prickly plant. 

Bamboo. They have an excellent forest of giant Bamboo. 

We bought a year pass, so you will be seeing more of the Atlanta Zoo in months to come.

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  1. Beautiful pics, haven't seen red panda before.