Communist Disney

Don't rip into my flesh yet.

Disney is great when you have little ones around the house. They can stare blankly at the television screen for hours if we let them(and sometimes we do) given different circumstances which, in itself may get a remark about our poor parenting skills.

We all have been sick for a few days now. Derek has croup and daddy has something similar to a head cold. The weather has been crap until today thus, preventing us from going outside til this point. Add to that, the deluge of rain we have been getting. I do not live in Seattle mother nature. Give me a break. I feel like I have been on the set of Grey's Anatomy. So, Derek can't go anywhere, daddy feels like going no where and Disney is a happy place for the kiddos.

Bring in Disney to the rescue!

I can't figure out what it is about Disney. Do they have some brainwashing voodoo ingrained into each show they pop on the screen? Some sort of high pitched squeal that adults cannot hear? A magical coloring artist who plants unseen(to the naked eye) pixels which, manage to warp a child's imagination?

I will go with the color theory. The colors seem so vibrant! Go see for yourself. Turn on some of the old cartoons and then turn on the Disney channel. Doesn't it just do something immediately to your mind, preventing you from turning the channel back to something else? Grabbing control and not letting your fingers move from the remote control. I will continue to write as you now watch Disney. The colors are so crisp and clear, like we are physically there participating in the quest to get gold doubloons and chasing Captain Hook. I can just smell his seaweed perfume permeating my nose. Wait! I am there. Wow Disney, great job. I see now why kids get hooked into this magical realm of color you created.

We do not watch all cartoons on Disney. This is a Mickey Mouse, Jake and The Neverland Pirates and Jungle Junction watching zone only. If I even try to turn on the old cartoons, I get the evil eye and whining can be heard starting from the bowels. They can seriously get sick to their stomachs and the only remedy is Disney at that point. It is crack for children's eyes. I am grateful that many of these shows teach something other than violence. Numbers, shapes and working together are common themes among the three shows mentioned.


If you thought it just entailed the television programs, think again. This sense of zombie-esk behavior also includes the hundreds of Disney toys. Besides trains, when we walk right into a store we are immediately whisked into Disney toy heaven. Do not pass go, do not land on go, go directly to jail. So, if you thought you were safe, you are not. Don't even take your children to Disney world. They come out different. Think Children of the Corn Disney. They will one day sneak up on you and bring you to their lord, good old Walt himself in the flesh and force you into a life of being suited up in a character outfit.

There is Disney's communist agenda at a glance.

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