The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Cuppy Cakes


We made roughly a gazillion cupcakes for our little humans numero uno birthday party. Seriously. There were cupcakes all over the place.

My wife made the cupcakes and cooked them. We had yellow and chocolate.  My mother was gracious enough to ice them. I was whipped into submission and made the icing (my dad's recipe) and placed them out into the shape since I am artsy.


My father made this icing by hand every year around Christmas time. I am just lazy, plus I have a super duper fancy gadget that does all the work for me, so I use it. My father would be proud that I am able to carry on his icing recipe for another generation.

My mother ices the cake. She specifically asked me when the shade of color was just right. Again. Artsy.

A smattering of cup cakes freshly iced.

The end result.

Next subject. The birthday boy!

to be continued......


  1. This post makes me want a cupcake! And since I ate half the gazillion that were there, I really don't need one.