Mini vacay. As many often say, it was way too short. We visited my mom down in Orlando this past weekend. We had no intentions of feeling like cattle and being herded around the great land of Disney. No. Instead we just wanted to chill out and relax. Laziness was running through are veins. We did summon the courage necessary to enter Downtown Disney, a free and not so crowded area or so we thought! It was crowded. Not the Black Friday kinda mass chaos, but nonetheless pretty damn close. 

Downtown Disney is comprised of shops, restaurants, shops, restaurants, and more shops. In between, there are a few other things to do that will not break the bank. A train ride of about 5 minutes for $2 and a water fountain. We did both! The water was the hit of the town though. Our kids are fish. They breathe out of gills and eat flakes of food. 

After the park, we had more swim time in the kiddie pool at grandma's complex. The pool is very large with a depth of only a foot and a half at most. There are canons that shoot water, a hefty shower of cascading water, and little spouts aiming water toward the middle. 

The pictures were all taken with a cell phone, so don't hate. 

What the HELL!

I kill you. 

The kiddie pool at grandma's complex. 

Stopping to enjoy the flowers.

Did I drink that much?

Where is the little human?

My first Popsicle eaten all by myself!!! 

H2O to face.

If all pools had a kiddie section. 

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