Attire of a SAHD.

It has been brought to my attention, that I wear clothes compatible to that of a SAHM. I will say, I tend to not care about what I look like most days. If I am inside and not planning to go out, I don't even bother to shower. So, I ask you, what am I supposed to wear? A tuxedo perhaps. A collared shirt and tie. I think I will stick to my attire.

My pajama pants can be compared to that of someone wearing yoga pants. The only exception to this comparison, is that it does not flatter my physique at all like tight yoga pants would. Why would I kid myself though.....I want something loose and comfy, not tight and constricting. Sweatpants come in at a close second runner up, while we are on the subject of pants. I have worn them to the point, that there is a hole in a not so inconspicuous place. Lets just say, I can't sit with my legs apart like any Sunday football dad. Since my pajama pants have been called out, lets get on with my shirts.

I do not wear the over-sized sweatshirts that a SAHM would be assumed to be wearing. My compatible item of choice is the plain old "T". Yes, I admit it, I like my t-shirts. Actually, I love my t-shirts. They are comfy. At least they aren't wife beaters. You will not catch me dead in a tank top. Most days they are not ironed either. I grab them from the pile of clothes sitting in the chair of our bedroom and place it right over my head. Each wrinkle I count adds a little character and depth, right? Haha. Who am I kidding. I just don't give a flip.

Occasionally, when the weather is crisp and cool I will pull on the old slippers too. You have a problem with that you tuxedo wearing Nazi?

So, yes. I may be comparable to a housewife, but I don't care.

You want a pic? You got it!

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