Flair for flowers.

Gardening is a strong passion of mine and although I don't have a yard at the moment to call my own, it is something that still runs deep in my veins. So, when I see beautiful plant life I can't help, but stop and smell the roses. If you don't know,  I have a degree in Horticulture and one in design.  I owned my own lawn care biz for many years and have worked for several colleges. Burnout is what happened.  I would rather design and see the after, rather than doing the hard work leading up to it.

We are visiting my mom in central Florida this weekend on a simple mini vacay.  These are just some of the plants worth taking a picture of. What is even nicer than that, is the fact that the pool is near the same vicinity.  A quick dip is what the doctor ordered. 

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  1. Good looking pics since they from a cell phone