Neglect remedy.

Our oldest, has been a little neglected lately due to Parker's upcoming first birthday. In response, I am posting some pictures from an Oreo moment. Enjoy as much as he did.

On a side note: He has been having rough nights for about a week now. He wakes up crying and throwing up clear stuff. Not much, but just enough to make a mess. We think it is reflux and will be making an appointment for him in the upcoming week. I will keep you posted on that news. The littlest human also has a one year checkup on Monday.....eek.

The littlest human's party went off without a hitch on Saturday. I took over 200 pics, so I am editing those and will most likely be posting them in several different batches. Look for those in the coming days. I am very proud of our theme and how well it looked this year. One of the best yet!

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  1. Oh, I love my sweet boy so much! The 3rd picture down is my favorite, but they're all great!