Speak boy, speak.

We don't have a dog, but if we did his name would be Parker. Let me tell you, this little human has been anything, but human. He has gnawed on everything......toys, clothes, people....yes, I said people. He is a piranha. A ravenous dog. Acting as if he has not been fed in weeks. Our other little human never went through this phase, so we are out of our element on this one.

The past several weeks our little human has been trying to say things. What? I don't know. Just this morning, as we hiked out of our grotto and into the family wagon the wife and I swear we heard a distinct word come through his full lips. Damn short term memory prevents me from remembering exactly what we thought it was coming out of his mouth. Maybe the other parental unit will gladly chime in. Hint hint. Today, whilst  I lay on the couch I caught him speaking. Again, I don't speak little human, but tried my hardest to come to a conclusion.

I hear, "a door" and "byebye".

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