Meat locker.


The sun rose, casting shadows across my sleepy face as I lay in bed. It was a warming sun, unlike the howling from the chilly wind that could be heard rattling the window panes. A cold front had ripped across the Spring-like landscape bringing all new growth to a halt. A little human could be heard in the baby monitor. He was most likely awakened from that sun and gale forced wind banging branches, as if at an outdoor concert. There it goes...... the alarm on my wife's phone perched against that noisy window pane. Luckily, the power had not gone off yet. Only a few short gusts later, it would. The power grid was no match for the persistent wind. The heat in our home is kept at a modest 70 when it is cold outside and 79 when it is warm.  


The little humans are now up and running around. You would think they hid coffee in their bedroom, as they jumped straight out of their beds and into a hyper state of mind. As my wife lights candles to help her see in the dark bathroom, I begin the daily routine of morning milk. I normally warm the milk, so I had to go old school and place the drinks in a bath of warm water. The morning cartoons turned into a morning of playing with toys. The temperature at this point was 69. 


The wife has left for work and the little humans are now being fed after drinking their milk. You can begin to feel the chill in the house as the cold wind penetrates the not so weather friendly windows in this renovated apartment. Toy play is beginning to dwindle and blank, angry stares are being directed toward the flat screen TV placed above the fireplace. The temperature is now a balmy 67. 


I place a call to the power company and place the iPad against the sofa with a welcomed cartoon. The temperature is now 66. I told you these windows are terrible! The power company says, 1115 is when they expect the power to be restored. A tree has hit the line. 


I begin bundling the little humans into warmer clothes. Still holding at 66 as the wind continues its relentless destruction on the newly formed foliage in the canopies of these large trees. 


Bastards! Still no power. The temp is now at 65. We could hang whole animal carcasses in our living room because it is so cold. I have an idea. We are going to get ready to eat lunch with mama. 


As, I strap the last Velcro piece around this little humans foot and proceed to walk out of the door into these blustery conditions the power returns.  It is too late. I have already gotten things ready to leave and we are heading out the door. The heat can run while we are out and warm this meat locker. 

This is how we deal with a power outage.....

About a quarter mile from our community entrance, I witnessed the culprit to this cold morning inside. A very very large pine tree had completely laid itself across the road. This tree was now in large chunks alongside the roadway. I would estimate it was about 150' tall with a trunk diameter of 20'. It was massive!

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