The Bug. The sequel.

We believe we have gained the trust of this little varmint again. It will be the second time in a month and third in the past few months. Our little, little human started this trend. High fevers seem to be the norm for him. Our other little human seems to prefer the pukage. Today, whilst eating lunch in the back of our rental van he proceeded to hurl chicken nuggets, fries, some hamburger, and sweet tea. While this may sound gross to you, it was equally disturbing to me as I named off everything coming out of his mouth in sequence. As usual, his hands went straight to his mouth and straight into the aim of this wonderous mess.

You get the picture right? Cause I could show you the actual picture, but would not want you to vomit on your screen. So, just take it the way it has been presented....trust me.

Here is a picture just moments before hell was spawned from his mouth.

Here is to hoping is doesn't repeat the sequence of past events. I really don't want it!

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