Tooth Fairy.

The dentist. Someone I loathe. Someone I dread. Someone I wish to avoid.

Unlike the tooth fairy, dentists are here to take your money. I really believe now, that the tooth fairy gives children money to save for future dental visits. I do not visit often and when I do I ask myself, why? I know they are going to find blemishes. I am glad my teeth do not get a complex from all the judgments of this evil person.

I went today to get a tooth checked on. The little piece broke of one of my teeth several weeks ago and I finally got the courage to go. It helped, that I had a coupon for an exam and xray. $20 bucks versus the $180 smackers I would of had to pay is a large difference. A difference this SAHD would not be able to afford. Needless to say, there is a large cavity and it needs a root canal.


No insurance. Out of pocket. Out of money.

How much is a root canal? Try 2"G's"! Yes, 2 grand. I should have asked the tooth fairy to up my income as a child......there should be labor laws against that. They say, I have pretty straight teeth and would hate to pull the tooth because that would cause shifting teeth. I also hate the idea of pulling it. I like teeth. I want my teeth. I have nightmares from my wisdom teeth. I do not want those bad dreams back. Blood and me do not mix. Pulling bloody gauze out of my mouth for the next couple days is not my idea of fun.

What is a person to do?

I am going to get a second opinion and price. I guess, we will see. In the meantime, I hear the scrapping and grinding of chunks of my teeth and wish I had better genes.

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  1. They use to say plumbers were the rip office artists, but I know dentists have claimed that honor.