Dirty laundry.


What do you do with them after a shower and how often do you get a new one? 

This would seem like a no-brainer, but it is not! According to many outlets I have researched, many people use a towel each time they bathe.  

My family uses one towel every week. Let me tell you why we do this.

When you take a bath or shower, you scrubbing your body of the dirt and grime, right? If not, then why are you in there? Using soap and a wash cloth, loofah, or any other scrubbing mechanism exfoliates your skin. You are not only scrubbing dirt of your body, but you are also removing dead skin in the process. Did you know this? So, what is the purpose of that towel at the end, you might be asking? The purpose of that towel is to dry off residual moisture. Period. End of story. It does nothing else. If your towel is dirty after you have been in the tub, then you are not washing good enough. Some would argue, moisture on a towel can help create mildew faster. Well, this is correct if your lazy butt doesn't hang it up to dry afterwards. Why, would I want to do this even if you are correct? 

There are multiple reasons why one should only use one towel a week. Energy, water, money and time are some reasons I can think of. What are you doing with all of those so-called, "dirty towels"? You are washing them several times a week, I am guessing. That involves the use of water and laundry detergent, correct? That involves spending money for those features, not to mention being environmentally wasteful. Instead, why not put your damp towels in the dryer for 10-15 mins. In this case, you will have a dry towel for the next time you get in the tub and you will save yourself money by running the dryer for a short amount of time and be more environmental friendly. How am I harming the environment? That water you have used, drains somewhere. It drains into our streams and rivers filled with those detergents and end up in our water supply. The energy used to spin the washing machine comes from sources that pollute our air. The plastic container filled with detergent, most often gets thrown into our landfills, where it sits for hundreds of years. Time is very important. More time doing laundry, means spending less time with my children. Laundry is a necessary part of life, but why not make it better for you and the environment. 

I am, by no means, environmentally conscious. However, this topic baffles me and I wished to share, so that others may learn to be a little more friendly to this planet we call, Earth. 

If you have a comment about this topic, please share below. I look forward to feedback and criticism, as it will make this a better dynamic for us all. 


  1. Wow, putting in words speaks volumns...thanks!

  2. I love it!! Justin and I also just use one towel a week.I hate washing!!!!!

  3. I use two towels, a separate one for my hair, but only two per week.