Not so, stay at home dad material lately.

Been really busy the past few days and I apologize to my followers, stalkers, and wanna be’s.

Nearly 1800 miles later, in a three day period and I am still trying to recover. We travelled up to my hometown near Chicago to send my grandma back home. It was a nice short visit, but one that could have been nicer with more time. The kiddos were left with their mama and this SAHD was nowhere to be found. Lost in a sea of highways and byways, I had to scramble to find my way back to the nest. I was so lost, in fact, that I made the executive decision to leave on Sunday at 9pm to travel back home. This was a last minute decision on my part, but one I am all too familiar with. I am not a play it by the book kinda person and love to just go with the flow (my wife would attest to this hated fact). I had not yet, made up my mind whether we were going to stop or keep traveling through the night. I am an insomniac at heart anyway, so five hours in I know the answer I was looking for. We did not stop for some zzz’s and instead floored the pedal home. I was very excited to be back with the wife and kids and had not even told them we were headed back down……they still assumed we would be arriving late that Monday evening. My mom helped take one leg and we made it in one piece.

The following day was filled with mystical unicorns and one eyed monsters. Dazed and confused from the long drive, I cannot even remember much about Monday, except for the fact that it happened. I do remember having an impromptu date night with my wife that night, which was very nice and much needed. We saw a flick…….something with the ill hated Izzy from Grey’s Anatomy. The movie was quite humorous and I did not even mind that she was in it. Texas Roadhouse is always a good standby, although a fucking killer to my little diet plans with their damn addictive cinnamon butter and rolls. Cinnamon is my crack. I snort it, I ingest it, I shoot it.

Tuesday was just that, Tuesday.

Wednesday was another well travelled day. Clocked in another 200 or so miles on the old buttocks. Changed oil and rotated tires on my mom’s car, so she would be safe and sound for another 10k.  Came back home and that was that.

So you see, my title has been diminished somewhat these past few days. I have felt more like a SAFHD(stay away from home dad). I promise to bring you the same energy that has been broughten and will be posting like a man looking for some honey on a day with no bees. 

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  1. I appreciated the car wash, vacuming, oil change and tire rotation. Love you