Diet plan.


Let’s just start by saying, I hate dieting.

However, I am at my heaviest I have ever been and I am not proud of that fact. Starting slow is going to be my key to success and making subtle changes gradually will help.  This process will have several phases, so let’s go over the plan.

I began this journey the first of February. I have not changed eating habits, except for better portion control. Foods are going to be last on my list of items to change. Have you seen the recent articles on the web?  A guy, named Matt McClellan ate 8 slices of pizza a day for 30 days and lost weight. This proves to me that food alone is not why America is fat. With a little exercise one can lose weight without cutting out all the good in life. I am not going to partake in this experiment (even though a pizza diet for this pizza connoisseur is tempting), but I am going to challenge myself to lose weight by eating manageable portions along with eating better, increased exercise, and water intake.

As I stated, exercise is a key to anyone wanting to lose weight. Diet alone will not work. I am starting my exercise regime, by walking around my neighborhood. What do you expect when you are out for a walk? A flat surface, right? Wrong! We live in a community that is on a river and the terrain is very mountainous hilly. I will also be lugging along my two children in a double stroller. The stroller weighs 26.6lbs, the oldest is a meager 24lbs, and our young one is 20lbs. So, I will have 70.6lbs of resistance up and down those mountains hills to add to the wonderful(yeah, right) experience. I am starting at 1.4 miles, which happens to be two laps around our community. Every month I plan to increase the amount of laps I accomplish. Additionally, I plan to slowly introduce some muscle building. After a few months, I will have a well rounded routine.

Sodas and sweet tea, especially sweet tea is my weakness. The goal. All water, all the time. That’s right…. 24/7, 365 days a year. Water is my arch enemy, my nemesis. I have done this before, so I know I can do it again. It is very hard to get your mind wrapped around the idea though. Everything liquid has some form of water in it, right? It is the other ingredients, included in these beverages that are awful. There are many diet plans out there and I do not proclaim to be a trainer, but sugar is what makes us big fat.

I am not a trainer, but I could have been. Several years ago and by several I mean 6ish, I got the inclination to lose weight. At that point, I was also at the biggest I had ever been. I weighed in at 230lbs. I was able to get to 168lbs in a matter of 4 months. Yep, I lost 62lbs! I also bulked up and had the first nice set of abs I had ever had. It was no 6 pack, but I did have 4. Determination and hard work got me to that point and I am going to have to rely on it again to save me. Things are a little different now, hence phasing in different aspects slowly. I have a family and cannot workout like I did. I would go to the gym and be there for 3-4 hours at a time every day of the week. Not feasible now. However, I will say, I am going to try my hardest to workout 5 days a week once I attain my peak schedule.

Here are some little things to think about. You must always reward yourself. Your body actually prefers if you binge splurge. Once a week or once every two weeks is good enough to engage and stimulate your body. Exercise is essential to losing weight, but listen to your body if it tells you to slow down. I am no young chicken anymore (sad realization).

I am not about to post pictures on here for the world to see. I will, however post some before/after pics a year from now. So, check in and check back often for progress results. Every other month, I will be posting how I feel and maybe even how much I have lost (fingers crossed).

Wish me luck!                

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  1. Good luck. You and baby mama are going to be great inspirations...the oatmeal cookies at Fresh Market are crying...;(