Dirty "6" letter word.

Cancer. An epidemic. A silent killer. A heart breaker.

It is ironic, that February third and fourth are national stand-up to cancer days. See, 4 months ago today, my father, my hero, my sons granddad passed away from Pancreatic Cancer after only being given 2 months to fight it. I am not really going to get into details right now. It is still a fresh wound and I still hemorrhage from it. As the wet drops drip down my cheek however, I have the urge to teach. I have the need to get donations that go toward Cancer. I have the want, to get the word out!

Cancer is a leading cause of death. DID YOU HEAR ME! Cancer kills an average of 7million people.

Are you listening now?

Please donate and please spread the donations out. You will Google, Bing, or whatever else you use, to search most deadly Cancers. There are lists of the top ten killers out there. Please contribute to all if you can.

So, today and tomorrow go to standup2cancer and take a pledge, make a donation, do something other than sit around and wait for it to happen to you or your loved one. Because it will!

I will occasionally talk about my father and Pancreatic Cancer. Today is not the day though. I will give you a break. I will, however leave you with a link to a website that is near and dear to my families heart. My father, Keith DeLine has a donation fund set up in honor of him. Please do what you can. Keep the Memory Alive.

Additional link.

Love you and miss you dad.

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