Saint Valentine

Good old Valentine’s Day…….oh, what people could accomplish without you getting in the way.

Valentine’s Day used to mean more. America, has overly commercialized something sacred. Love is an everyday occurrence, or at least it should be, but we have let love enter our lives for just one day out of three hundred sixty five. Cards, chocolates, flowers, teddy bears, jewelry, balloons, and dinner shaped into a heart….what are we thinking? Love needs no material item. Love is an emotion, plain and simple. So, why the need for these material things? I have an idea and you are not going to like it.

Companies need your hard earned cash and they are cashing in on your stupidity. I walk into a store. This store has four aisles of red and pink. It is a sea of blood and it is your blood. What makes you believe, a $12.99 box of chocolates are going to win her affection? I don’t see it happening. Is she going to love you the rest of the three hundred sixty four days because of that $12.99 box of chocolates? I highly doubt she will even remember that box of chocolates a week down the road, except for the fact that you made her fatter and now she has to work out as a result. That teddy bear you got her, it is going to go to the dog. Those flowers, they are going to die. That sweet card that thousands of other people got is going into the trash faster than you were able to pick it out. The balloons are going to deflate. Jewelry, well we all know how that turns out. It will be placed into the pile of other jewelry in her jewelry box. A mountain of bling, which gets sifted through every now and then. That heart shaped pizza gets flushed down the toilet. Do you see what is going on here? You are giving your cash willingly to Hallmark. They don’t even have to ask you for it, because you just let them swipe your wallet. Love is not bought. Love is earned.

Before you say it, my wife believes love is more than just one day out of the year as well. This blog may come back to bite me in the ass, but she would appreciate it more if I gave her little tokens of affection randomly throughout the year versus just on one day. Valentine’s Day, is not the only day that I feel is very commercialized. I think every special time is treated the same. I just think it is wrong, to tug on the heartstrings of something that is an emotion. I have indulged the industry with my hard earned money in the past…..I am not going to lie, but I am tired of it. I have even heard that some schools make it mandatory to make or give Valentine’s crap. What about making it mandatory for these children to love one another every day, then we may not have so much bullying in our schools.

I tell my wife and children I love them every single day! One day, is not good enough for me and I don’t need to be reminded one day of the year that I should say, I LOVE YOU.

Bring it. The comments and flaming. 

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