Never Ending Story

The work is never done.

I have recently come to the realization, that kids, plus a house, equals constant insanity. I will clean up and the little angels devils come through like ravaging savages, to the point, I cannot tell what has been accomplished. I recently read a mommy post and in that post the SAHM said, "my husband comes home and asks what I have been doing all day. He seems very mad at me before a foot even enters the threshold of chaos." I will occasionally get those types of stares too.

First off, I have to point out the obvious. Two against one is not fair in any situation and just because they are little people, doesn't mean they get less of a count in this equation. X + Y = Z for a reason. X and Y are the little people and ZZZ's are what daddy feels like after a day of mischief and destruction. Both children are mobile and agile. This creates an issue for daddy because there are four hands getting into things and only two to pick those things back up, along with doing the other household chores.

Laundry and dishes are a daily routine in this casa. Our poor dryer has never seen the light of day, so I cleaned it off to give it new life. I would like to say that lasted more than a week, but it did not. In fact, it lasted two whole damn days. There are constant piles of clothes, not just to be washed, but also to be put up. There is only so much hanging a person can do in one day and I am not referring to hanging myself.

 The dishwasher never stops and the sink is a constant battle ground between dirty and clean.   So, when the wife comes home to see a debris littered living room, the kitchen and laundry are good to go. The opposite can be said, when the debris has been cleared away in the living room. There is always some area in the house that is not as tidy as it could be. I will say, my wife is good at praising me when she can get past the fact that our living room looks like a train station, but I will still get that faint rumble in her tone or a look that hits me in the face. A look of, what have you done today, besides sit on the computer. I do not hold it against anyone that dares question what I do, because I myself know what hard work I have done and they can kiss my ass.

 It is not hard by any means, but it is not as easy as one would think either......it is simply never ending.      

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  1. Two kids equal twice the mess, but also equals twice the hugs, kisses and laughter