I am loading up. Heading into the great frontier. Well, not really frontier.

My grandma is going back home, after spending some time with my mom in Florida. I offered to help, since this weekend is a long one with the holiday. I love driving and traveling. When I was younger, my great parents took us on a great vacation every summer. I have been to just about every state thanks to them and enjoyed every minute, every mile, and every location. We are going to my hometown. A place that has many memories. A city that has special meaning. I will be thinking of my father the whole time.

My father and I had several places that we could not live without. Several pizza joints that don't compare to anywhere else and a few other unique eating establishments. I will savor these tastes, as I think my father would want me to, but it will be sad knowing he is not here to share. My father is sorely missed.

I will be lugging my camera, taking pictures along the way. However, I will not be posting anything new on my blog until my return, so there will be several days of nonexistence. Don't worry your pretty little hearts. I will be posting everyday after I get back with amazing pictures and stories. Until then, look at my other posts and share them with anyone you know. Follow me, stalk me, harass me.....I don't really care.


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