Busy bee.

Haven't posted a blog in a few days.

I feel like I am neglecting her. I am glad to see she hasn't left me for another man blog. My poor blogerina.

What have I been up to?

Friday was very hectic. All hell broke lose. And by hell, I mean fire, chaos, little gremlins, hot vomit! Poor old daddy, right?

Parker had started the morning, by hurtling throw up in the air like he had for the past few mornings. I thought to myself, this is getting old. So, I did what any dad would do and told his mother what had just happened. There was no fever and he was acting normal otherwise. Derek was also being a little needy devil angel that day. On top of that madness, I was busy packing like a little bee ready to go out for his first time to collect honey. We had plans to go to a wedding dinner reception of the brother in-law. He was getting married Saturday. Queen bee had given me a list and I was well on my way, until a wing snapped in half. As I landed face first into the dew drops of freshly growing blades of grass, I got a slap in the face. A blade of grass smacked me as I spiraled downward, cutting me along the jaw. Parker had his second bottle and was spewing vomit again. Like the Valdez, I knew I had to do something fast, before there were long lasting consequences. I had enough! I let mommy know again. A few minutes later, as I was cleaning up the vomit slick, I received a call.....
      "I have gotten Parker an appointment at 2:30."
That call was received at 2. I now have thirty minutes to get everyone ready, diaper bag packed, and the kids into the car. The doctor is about twenty minutes away and we are supposed to pick up mommy at 4. I thought to myself, "there is no way in hell!". I may be super-dad, but that was requesting a little too much, super.

Being speedy has its rewards. I was signing us in at 2:30. However, this day would get progressively worse. The doctor was slow. You may know the story of the Haire and the Tortoise. This was more like the Tortoise and the Snail. We finally left the office at 4. Yes, the queen bee was supposed to be picked up at 4.....don't remind me. Anyway, I still had to get a few things from the house and still had to drive forty-five minutes to where she worked. I made it to Rachel at fifteen til 5. Now we had to make it to the reception.

The reception dinner was to commence at 6 according to the mother in-law. If there is something I am not, I am not late. The current state of mind and mood I was in was very helpful. I made it. It was 6 and there was still no mother in-law. You really don't understand how far we had to travel, in rush hour traffic around Atlanta on a Friday evening. It was a near impossible feat. Done.

Next, we had the wedding to attend on Saturday. This was fine, except I was the photographer. The bitch behind the camera. To tell you the truth, I don't remember hearing or seeing any part of that wedding. It did not occur. I was focused on one thing......get as many pictures as possible, so I could please everyone. I did just that. Saturday evening came to a close and this busy little bee returned home, albeit hobbling and mangled.

My emotions.


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