Upon Further Inspection

I have definitely had my fair share of children's bathroom behavior, or lack there of lately.

Today is no exception!

Both children slept in today(sleeping in is 8:30), which has been a rare feat, since we have all been sick the past week. I checked on both earlier, as I had heard Parker talking to himself, but he must have talked himself back to sleep. Neither was awake, so I thought to myself, AWESOME. As with Rumpelstiltskin, on Once Upon A Time however, a good thing is often followed up by a bad and more substantial negative reaction. This was the case. 

Upon entering Derek and Parker's  room, I was blown back into the hallway by the pungent odor of poop. As if, I had stepped into a brick wall. My head began to ache and I felt nauseous to my stomach. I was familiar with this odor, as I had smelt this radioactive smell a few times before. Immediately, I went to get Derek, as he looked up at me with a sorta grin/sad face. Then, I saw it. His pants were brown front to back, his sheets wet, and the smell was retched. I carefully clasped my hands around his body the best I could, without getting it all over and without hurting the poor little guy. Laying him down on the changing table, I could see there would be no easy way around getting his clothes off without getting it all over his legs. As, I peeled his wet and tight pajama pants off, it unfortunately transferred onto not only his legs, but also my hands(SHIT yuck). At this point, all hope was soon lost, a fading memory travelling into the abyss of fog. 

Bath-time, would become the only possible solution for this icky mess.  

Derek treasures baths and playing in the water. 

Wait. No. 

He LOVES baths and playing in the water. He is our little fish. Our Michael Phelps.

Today, you were lucky. Because, as much as he LOVES playing in water, he equally loathes coming out of the water once he is in it.

He looks happier than he actually is. 

So, now that bath-time is over, I start to think.....

Why did this occur? 

Ding, ding, ding. I know what it is. 


It is all mommy's fault! Wink wink. 

We decided, to have our usual staple for dinner last night. Papa Johns! 


We ordered something different to go along with our pizza. We ordered the honey chipotle chicken fingers. Oh boy, did those chicken fingers have a kick! We tried the best we could, to wipe off much of the sauce, but the poor chicken was still coated in the gooey stuff. Alas, we probably have the culprit at hand. Spice and a kids stomach, equals bad outcome. 

Parent fail #224098.  

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