Ready, Aim, Fire!

Tonight is a first for me.

My youngest child, Parker urinated on himself while I nonchalantly changed his diaper.

NO! You don't really understand! He has never done this the whole nine months of his existence. He had done this many times to his mother when he was younger but hadn't done this in any form or fashion for a long time. 

I didn't even catch it in mid-stream. That is the terrible part. 

I caught it when I looked back at him as he wiggled like a worm. To my astonishment he had managed to pee directly into his eye. Urine is sterile right, so no harm? Just wiped it off.

I feel so terrible about it. I mean, who wants warm pee in their eye? Not me!

Needless to say, he is now in a different outfit and I am left to wash everything he had decided he wanted wet. 

I foresee a bath in his future tonight. 

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