A week ago, a blogger my wife and I(secretly) follow had requested people for a special project she was undertaking. The blogger, bethanne or how I more commonly know her, Heir to Blair. The subject, simply  send in pictures of an ordinary room you are proud of. A room, that did not cost much to decorate and was more ordinary than, lets say, JLo's blinged out baby room. Beth, wanted to show "real" children inspired rooms. Not the kind that involve hiring decorators at $1k an hour. Not the kind of room that got whipped together in a week, so that it may grace the cover of a magazine. No, she wanted the average room. The kind of room an average parent was proud of.

After careful inspection of what Beth was looking for, I jumped on the opportunity to show our beautifully inspired children's bedroom. A bedroom, I hand painted myself and was boyish, but still a little more grownup. The boys bedroom, alien inspired, came from the fact that we had space themed bedding for both Derek and Parker. I expanded on that idea, by bringing in UFO's...... cause what boy doesn't like aliens? I wanted to save money, by painting all aspects of the room myself. I was against stickers and wall decals. Grabbing the paint brush, I went head first into a room that would take several days to finish. I painted in a style, that was purposefully, a little less than professional, as I wanted it took look like a child may have helped paint. I added rockets, stars, the moon, and of course, UFO's.

Here is the direct link to my mention on Beth's blog.



After(cleaning up the mess)

I would like to thank Beth, for giving me the opportunity to be on her blog. I love both of her blogs(mentioned above) and would ask that you visit them too. One, encompasses more of everything in life, while the other, revolves around the subject of children specifically.

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