Simple "No Frills" Chili


One of the staples in our household. Simple and fast make this nearly a weekly menu item. This recipe contains only four ingredients but you could make it as complicated as you want. I dislike complicated and when you have children to watch while cooking the easier the better.


It only takes 15-20 minutes from start to finish!

I am in no way endorsing any products shown below and receiving no monetary gain(although if any of the products shown below wish to, I would not be opposed).


After getting ingredients together, start cooking hamburger.

Always remember to cook your meat thoroughly! I will not take any responsibility for under-cooked meat.

After hamburger is thoroughly cooked, I drain any grease into whatever you can find. I typically use tinfoil.

Never put grease down a drain! It will clog your drain over time.

Add all ingredients to hamburger. A little trick I do...... I add a couple teaspoons of the seasoning straight into the hamburger first and stir in to give the meat a little extra kick. The rest of the seasoning can be added once the wet ingredients have been combined with the hamburger. *If you have kids, please note that you will want to get theirs out before adding the rest of the seasoning. It will be too hot for little ones mouths.

Your done! Serve and enjoy.

Don't forget the tums.

1/2 lb hamburger.
1 can tomato sauce. You can use diced, but I don't like the texture so I use puree.
1 can pinto beans in chili sauce. The brand I have always used is Bush's mild or medium.
1/2-3/4 packet of hot chili seasoning. You can use mild if you have a weak stomach.
4-6 people.
Cook time:
15-20 minutes.

Additional ideas. My wife infuses a handful of Frito's(crunched up) and a couple spoonfuls of sour cream.

Enjoy and feel free to leave comments.

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