Ditto previous day

When I created this blog I expected to write a lot, but this is a little more than I like. Especially given the circumstances.

My little nine month old decided for the second day in a row to try and pee on/in something other than his diaper.

This time I caught him in the act, as in slow motion I saw the stream headed toward me and my clothes. With a Matrix like move, I rolled in my stomach and backed up at the same time, while the stream of urine slowly started its downward trend right onto the awaiting clean carpet below. Looking back at it, it was absolutely like it was in the movie. It was a slow motion tragedy.

I cannot make this stuff up! It is really absurd that this has never happened before I started this blog.

Kinda makes me wonder. Is he literally pissing on my blog? Is it retaliation?


While we are on the subject of bathroom behavior.....what is up with all the poop lately? Two children in diapers equal a busy day. I mean really, it seems like I am constantly wiping the bottom of a nasty butt. If poop was made of money, I would be rich...... albeit it would be dirty money.

Here's to better days ahead. I hope.

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